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Weather Pics

Clouds Over Cambodia and Thailand

Clouds Over Cambodia and Thailand

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I took a trip to Cambodia and Thailand a couple weeks ago. It was right on the cusp between the end of the dry season and the start of the rainy season and during the trip it stormed a couple times, mostly at night. But feverish heat breaking into storms is actually my favorite kind of weather (though 101F/38C feels like 107F/41C while walking around all day was a bit much, even for me!), because I like the tension in the atmosphere and the clouds that result. While I spent most of the time photographing sites and scenery, I couldn't resist getting a few weather pictures!

Cloud over Phnom Penh, April 30th:

View from Phnom Penh-Siem Reap flight on May 2nd:

My dad liked these because they made him think of the towers of Angkor Wat which we were on our way to see.

Bangkok, Thailand half-eaten by a storm, May 6th:

I'm also kicking myself because I had the most fantastic weather-related descent into Phnom Penh when I first arrived. Unfortunately it was during landing procedure so I didn't think I was allowed to use my camera /-: But when the flight attendant asked me to open my screen, my jaw dropped, because we were practically in a cumulonimbus cloud. It rose up right in front of my window like a mushroom cloud and in the speeding plane I had the most awesome three-dimensional view as we both moved obliquely from one another. Then we broke through a layer of clouds and the Mekong sprawled before us, reflecting a muddy silver version of the sky. And when I looked up, there was some lovely dark mammatus undulating on the underside of everything I had seen above. It was the coolest introduction to a place I've ever experienced. It looked like something out of a film! And then leaving the airport, I could hear the thunder as the fully-formed storm approached the city (:
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