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Weather Pics

Given the double pr0n spamming, can we possibly switch the comm to…

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weird is a side effect of awesome
Given the double pr0n spamming, can we possibly switch the comm to moderated for a bit?  It's not just this comm, ftr, there's been an increase in general.
  • When the entry is deleted the user should be banned and reported to LJAbuse - only the community moderator can do that though.
    • Yes, but it looks as though it was more than one user. And a posting warning about accounts like that listed multiple user names, hence the suggestion.
  • I emailed the comm mod yesterday about it and included a link to the userprofile for the pornotroll... on checking back it appears to be the same person.... Diamondpugh was the username I emailed to her yesterday and it is the same user today. She says she banned them, so I don't know how they are posting again. It's not a super-active community so going moderated for a while doesn't seem like it would be a big deal.
  • This stuff comes in cycles. The "more than one user" was likely a single company or person that found an exploit or way around the system (notice how all of the spam posts across LJ by "different users" all went to the same site?). Every time the spammers figure out a new way bypass the LJ spam account protection to auto-register multiple accounts, add hundreds of communities and spam post, we see this. It's happened dozens of times over the last 10 years and it will happen again.
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